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誠食故事 Honest Food's Story



誠食 - 诚心诚意食材






透过旗下新创设的副品牌- 《誠食》,秉持着这些核心价值,他坚持所有食品的原材料必须采收于全天然的农耕地、生产过程务必严谨把关以确保原料质量,直至完整包装成方便食用的产品。其中包括有机文冬姜粉、有机香茅粉、有机辣木粉、自然农耕黄姜粉。。。等即是其诚意良品之一。









Honest Food Story


Supporting all biodynamic, natural farming and organic farming products through Deeds of Goodwill.


After a successful venture as one of the prominent producers of local food brand, Cheong Hoong has branched out and embarked on advocating chemical-free green foods which does not contains any chemical substances.


Under the co-brand, Honest Food, he proudly presents the 100% safe organic and environmentally friendly foods. He insists that all food products must be made from raw materials harvested from sustainable farming land, and that the production process must be carefully controlled to ensure the quality of the raw materials, until they are packaged and ready for consumption.


These products include organic winter ginger powder, organic lemongrass powder, organic moringa powder, and natural farming ginger powder. All these products are one of its sincere products.


All the products in "Honest Food" are not genetically modified and do not add any preservatives, emulsifiers, bulking agents, artificial flavourings and colours, in order to provide customers with safe and healthy food.


He once made bulk purchases of the raw ingredients, but due to quality issue, has turned them into compost to fertilise the land instead of making a commercial gain out to them.


Focusing on guarding the interest of consumers, he conducted authority-unrequited test out of his own pocket so the consumers have a peace of mind while enjoying his foods.


Honest Food upholds a promise to the farming community to promote green produce and also brands the assurance of healthy safe foods.